Child Protection:The Child Rights Monitoring Programme in the School Settings in Burundi

These initiatives are organized around six of the seven major components of national child protection and education systems among other mechanisms of accountability, capacity, cooperation, Coordination and Collaboration, Communication, Education and mobilization for social change, mechanisms for providing services, legislation, policies, norms and regulations to contain violence against children and especially girls in schools settings in Burundi.
We are convinced that by identifying the emerging success factors, the challenges and lessons learned, the government, decision-makers and development partners will be able to achieve results, draw lessons from concrete examples in the country and inspire the work that remains to be done to change legislation, practices and behaviour so that all girls and boys could access quality education that respects the rights which allows children to complete their studies because violence hinders their education.
The situation of violence in school settings in Burundi has been identified since many dedicates and has been increased the onset of the socio-political crisis of 2015 with a very high degree of severity, where children especially girls are being abused by their teachers or officials School. For the most recent illustrations, ACPDH mentions the case of the 4 young girls who were severely beaten and sexually abused by their teacher in Rumonge and in Gitega provinces, etc.
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