Launch of Ockeden Prize Pproject in Rumonge

With its Ockenden Prize 2015 and DDP Partnership ACPDH has launched on 26 February 2016 the Ockenden Prize Project-OPP for 2 years period project (2016-2017) in Gahore Site in Rumonge Province where more 120 returnee, IDPs and other vulnerable families will get help and assistance for income generating and human rights advocacy activities for their sustainable and sufficient reintegration and protection. In the same way to continue supporting people of Burundi- ACPDH with its main Partners-DDP will plan together for a Strategic Plan 2017-2021 in which ACPDH will be in need of international support in order to continue to make heard our Voice for a sustainable and sufficient reintegration of Burundi people who have been affected by different crisis and crushes happened in Burundi since independence up to now. Are you excited by our Work on Burundi returnees, Refugees, IDPs and other people affected by the crisis? Welcome and join us- then we could make together a great change of their bad situations.