TA Three Yearly Report

This report is a descriptive document showing how the TWUNGANIRE ABAHUNGUTSE Project was organised, implemented and coordinated in conjunction and collaboration with the beneficiaries, local leaders and communities and national authorities and partners. It demonstrates on how the work was administratively organised , conducted and done at all its links and what has been achieved and what has challenged. We mercifully and fully present our thanks and kindest regards to our partner-DDP and to The Baring Foundation who did much to support technically and financially this project and we also take our thanks to The Ockenden International who prized the project on February 2015 in UK.Without the support of these Partners and donors- ACPDH did not do much enough to secure the rights of more 5000 former refugees/returnees and IDPs and other vulnerable people like PWDs in Gatumba/Mutimbuzi and Rumonge areas. We welcome you again as it still a need to help Burundi people who still living under 1$ per day. Refugees /returnees and IDPs and PWDs are hopeless and need your support, our support- Together to advance the humanity!!!